MedVision, Inc. Acquires Complete Health Systems, LC

The big news here at CHS is our acquisition by MedVision, Inc. MedVision is a leading provider of value-based healthcare business applications for delegated risk communities. CHS is a long-time leader in the self-insured and third-party administrator arena. Together, the companies create a more advanced, comprehensive, and seamless approach in automation of the many departmental processes of health plans and benefit administration-oriented organizations. Read more.

DIY Healthcare is Becoming More Popular

The pandemic has made booking doctor appointments harder as the health care system strains under the demand for services. As a result, some people are taking their health into their own hands with DIY medical tests such as EverlyWell which can help detect hormone levels, cholesterol, and even food sensitivities.

Home kits such as this have grown in popularity over the years and while doctors are glad that people are taking their health more seriously, they caution doing too much DIY or interpreting results themselves. Monitoring migraines, meditation apps, and smartwatch apps can all help individuals take control of their health, but health care should remain primarily with a health care professional.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Supreme Court Rules on Vaccine Mandate

Last week the Supreme Court split on the issue of vaccine mandates. On one hand, the Court ruled that OSHA had overstepped its bounds in issuing a vaccine mandate for employers with 100 or more employees. The Court disagreed that COVID was a “work-related danger” because it can be spread through a variety of ways. Businesses can still choose to mandate vaccines or not.

However, the Court also ruled that the CMS mandate that any health care facility receiving Medicare or Medicaid funding must vaccinate all its workers was upheld. Health care workers in these facilities have until February 28 to be vaccinated.


Leave Benefit Management to Third-Parties

The pandemic, along with the Great Resignation, has caused employers to add more benefits to their employees. However, these extra benefits are often going unused, which ends up costing employers more money in the long run. Employees are often confused by the enrollment process and when that happens, benefits are unused.

Human Resources' job is to manage and optimize talent and the extra burden of benefits management can lead to less than stellar usage rates among employees. Utilizing brokers and third-party administrators, employers can be more strategic about benefits rollout, reducing costs, and ensuring employees know what is offered and how to access these benefits.


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