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April Health Benefit News

Creating Wellness Programs for Remote & On-Site Workers Working remotely has benefits, but one of the challenges is keeping remote team members feeling connected to on-site employees. You can keep remote employees engaged with some of your wellness benefits. Here are some ways to encourage participation and promote team building. When planning presentations or wellness […]

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March Health Benefit News

Hospitals Caught Hiding Pricing Data in Search Results Hospital pricing transparency has been a hot topic since last fall. Last year the Trump administration set a rule in place to require consumer access to hospital pricing on health care system websites. The Wall Street Journal did an investigation into whether or not hospitals were complying […]

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February Health Benefit News

Health Care Consolidation Consolidation of health care delivery systems may be good for hospitals, however, it can cost private payers and employers 6-10% in price increases each year. Consolidation reduces competition and that increases prices for consumers and plans. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has increased the number of mergers including hospitals merging with other hospitals, physician groups […]

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January Health Benefit News

New Disclosure Requirements for TPAs that Contract with ERISA Group Health Plans New transparency laws included in the latest Covid-19 relief act in December affect third-party administrators and other providers who work with ERISA group health plans. Included in these new regulations is the requirement for “covered service providers” to disclose their direct or indirect […]

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December Health Benefit News

Updated PCORI Released  The IRS announced the PCORI fee for some self-funded plans that end on or after Oct. 1, 2020, and before Oct. 1, 2021. The fee is $2.66 and is intended to help fund the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute as a part of the Affordable Care Act. This fee will expire in 2029 […]

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November Health Benefit News

Adding Mental Health Benefits to Open Enrollment In 2019, 11 percent of employees surveyed indicated a struggle with anxiety and/or depression. This year, after the pandemic, that number rose to 40.1 percent. Clearly Covid has taken a toll on the mental health of many Americans and it’s critical employers respond to this by adding or […]

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October Health Benefit News

Breaking News – Transparency Rule is Finalized Transparency is a hot topic and breaking news from the White House addresses transparency for plans and health insurance issuers. As of Jan. 1, 2023, health plans and insurers will be required to provide the cost for all out of pocket costs and negotiated rates for all care […]

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September Health Benefit News

How Covid-19 is Changing Open Enrollment  We can add open enrollment to the growing list of activities affected by Covid-19. As many employers enter that crucial benefits time, they are becoming more reliant on technology and are having to balance safety with the personal attention employees are used to receiving in regard to benefits. For […]

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August Health Benefit News

US Employers Expect Health Cost Increases in 2021 A study by The Business Group found that many large employers expect a health cost increase of 5.3% starting in 2021. Part of the expected increase is due in part to mental health projections which include increases online resources, training, flexible work schedules, and more. Covid-19 has […]

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July Health Benefit News

We've compiled health benefit news from sources relevant to claims managers and third-party administrators. From the latest updates on COVID-related initiatives to innovation in health care, we strive to provide interesting and relevant information for our customers. Executive order on Prescription Drug Costs The Trump administration is issuing an Executive Order to reduce the amount […]

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