Premium Billing

Premium Billing for Third Party Administrators


  • Derived from Premium Billing for TPAs and insurance companies, in use nationwide since 1990
  • Available for on-site license or as a hosted application (ASP)
  • Microsoft technology: SQLServer database with a Windows front end.
  • Acclaimed Customer service staffed by health care claims experts with a minimum of 12 years’ experience in the field. Support calls are logged with status available via the internet.
  • Employer group and individual billing, with bill formatting by individual, group, or location.
  • Bill for premiums, services, one-time charges, voluntary benefits, and more, including COBRA billing for individuals.
  • Premium bill rates may be table rated. Commissions and payables can be flat rates or percentages.
  • Rate tables can be set up by volume, sex, and age.
  • Automatic retroactive adjustments.
  • Billing automatically generates payables for payment of commissions, insurance premiums, and the like. Payables are tied to the product or service being billed.
  • Payments can be made by EFT, ACH, Lockbox, check or credit card.
  • Customized Reconcilatoin feeds for auto-reconcilation of carrier bills.
  • Interation with third-party payroll and flex systems.
  • CHS WebAccess portal available for communication with employers and for secure delivery of billing and reports.
  • CHS WebAccess portal allows customer and/or employee to updated enrollment information online.
  • Able to receive enrollments for voluntary products from CHS online enrollment system.
COBRA Billing Features
  • Ability to create COBRA account and claimant history via enrollment.
  • Date tracking for:
    • Notification
    • Acceptance
    • Expiration
    • Termination
    • Last Billing
    • Last Payment
  • Able to bill for COBRA enrollment and administration fees
  • Invoicing to Employer or Individual. Payments made via credit card or ACH.
  • Expiration and Termination Notices.
  • Special ARRA report with Employer Billing enables employers to claim tax credit for employees on COBRA due to involuntary termination.

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As enrollment changes occur, the records are updated. Again, these changes can be made on the web via CHS WebAccess. Retroactive adjustments can go as far back as you choose. Adjustments automatically check rates and carriers at time of adjustment to ensure that adjustments are correct. As new products are purchased, billing for those products is a breeze.
Bills can be printed on paper or run as electronic files with your customer’s logo and format. They are easy to understand and can be delivered securely over the web using CHS WebAccess. Bills can be run for employer groups, locations and individuals. Bills have detail and summary sections. Lastly, Electronic files can be easily imported into your client’s accounting system.
Payments can be made using EFT, ACH, Lockbox and credit card. Payables are generated with billing for items like commissions payable, premiums payable etc.
Reconciliation of carrier bills for administrative service only (ASO) and PEO companies can be quite a time-consuming chore. CHS POWERBILL 123™ can be set up with custom reconciliation feeds for carrier bills whether the bills come in on paper or in electronic format.

CHS POWERBILL 123™ comes with integrated Accounting with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger. Reports are run against the Microsoft relational SQLServer database.
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