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January Benefit News

Employer-Provided Health Care is Increasingly Unaffordable More than six in 10 adults reported obtaining their health care through their employers. However, out-of-pocket costs have continued to rise over the years which has made health care increasingly unaffordable. A CDC-sponsored study revealed that on average, women had less affordable health care services than men. A reason […]

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October Health Benefit News

Long Covid Insurance Coverage for Health Plans Nearly 24 million adults in the United States have long Covid. Of those, 2-4 million are not working because of the disease. Because there is still much to be learned about long Covid, diagnostic and treatment options still need to be clarified. This can leave insurers in a […]

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May Health Benefit News

Long-Haul Covid and Worker's Compensation Approximately 50-76% of Covid survivors, including 35-54% of those with mild Covid, have reported persistent symptoms after their initial recovery. Some of these symptoms are the same as when they had an active viral load, and some of them are new. As workplaces reopen, Covid precautions remain an important part […]

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