Convenient, Real-Time Access to Information

CHS WebAccess

What is CHS WebAccess?

  • Secure access to benefits information for Members, Dependents, Providers, and Employers.
  • Real-time access to information.
  • The web site is "responsive" and works with browsers like IE (8 and later), Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • No PHI is stored on the webserver.
  • Specialized database technology prevents the CHS database from being exposed to the webserver.
  • Two-step electronic authentication prior to access for members and dependents.
  • Employer and Provider access is Administrator-approved.
  • All enrollment and web pages are customizable to complement your web page, including logo and colors.

Employer WebAccess features:

  • Enroll new employees/dependents.
  • Modify enrollment information for members and their dependents.
  • Ability to verify and approve new enrollments and enrollment changes made by members.
  • Receive billing statements and other documents and reports securely over the web.
  • Real-time access to eligibility and claim information of employees and dependents.
  • Run and print selected reports like Checks Pending Register and Employee Census Report in real-time from the web.

Member/Dependent WebAccess features:

  • Secure two-level member/dependent authentication for sign-up.
  • Members have real-time access to eligibility and claim status for themselves and their dependents. Dependents, if qualified, can have independent access.
  • View, print, and save Explanations of Benefits (EOBs).
  • Copy of summary plan document (SPD) available for viewing.
  • Members and dependents can view current year and previous year balances.
  • Enrollment changes can be made on the web.
  • Enrollment changes made by the member can be set to not be posted in the CHS enrollment database unless approved by the employer.
  • Members/dependents can choose to stop receiving paper EOBs and view EOBs online instead.
  • Member can request replacement ID cards and also print temporary ID cards for immediate use.
  • Find an in-network doctor or hospital. Various links to multiple websites and documents can be provided to the member.
  • Ask questions about claims, eligibility, and more, and receive answers online.

Provider WebAccess features:

  • Provider sign-up process requires approval by Administrator.
  • Real-time access to eligibility and coverage status of a member or dependent.
  • Summary plan document available to the provider if made available.
  • Access real-time status on all claims received and entered into the CHS claims system.
  • Provider copy of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) available on the web as soon as the claim is paid in the CHS claims system.
  • Submit claims for pre-determination of dental benefit estimates and view results online.
  • Ask questions about claims, eligibility, and more, and receive answers online.
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